For Your Consideration

Best New Age Album in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards
Terry Lee Nichols & Rebekah Eden
"We have only come to dream"

The musical story of human migration to the Americas --

offered in Gratitude to folks who've seen the promise of America enough to come here,

to those who've struggled or been oppressed,

and to those who welcome others Home.

“We have only come to dream. . .”  is ultra-rich, deep, wide, vast, and an utterly gorgeous album through and through… Here we are nudged on every level to remember who we are and to care about it. Memorable, impressive, and highly recommended. Dyan Garris/

”We Have Only Come to Dream” is an album of such vast and supreme quality, that whilst listening to this release, you will be taken back, left speechless and filled with a level of emotion that will be hard to control...easily the best I have listened to in this genre for absolutely years, an absolute must purchase indeed, oh and enjoy the ride. Steve Sheppard/One World Music

Stunning in its power and beauty, Terry Lee Nichols and Rebekah Eden have created a musical masterpiece that overflows with passion, cinematic vividness, and strength... "We Have Only Come To Dream" is an amazing musical achievement and one that I very highly recommend. Bravo!!! Kathy Parsons/Mainly Piano

Terry Lee Nichols composer/arranger/pianist

Rebekah Eden composer/arranger/singer for all vocals except for "A House Divided" (sung by Hekembe Eichelberger, mezzo-soprano).

Submitted for your consideration as Best New Age Album in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.



Rebekah Eden headshot for WHOCTD 2017-09-21 20.44.36 (3).png

The unique talent of singer/composer/producer Rebekah Eden crosses all musical boundaries and defies categorization. Since 1987, her shimmering soprano of 3-1/2 octaves has been thrilling audiences around the world in repertoire as diverse as opera, avant-garde and classical song, but especially in her own compositions, which leave audiences deeply moved by their poignant sacredness. Indeed, Rebekah often asks her audiences not to applaud, but instead revel in the transcendental stillness her chant-like songs evoke. Critics have called her performances “gorgeous” and “majestic.” Her own music —shape-shifting layers of polyphonic melismas— has been described as “A Score for the Divine.”

Inspired by all of life’s challenges, Rebekah continues to be drawn to themes of Love, Home, Heart and Purpose. Her albums to date comprise five CDs: The Path of Gold, which can be heard on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film The Conductor (Edgewood Pictures, NYC, 2000); the angelic special edition album Invocation, co-produced with Academy Award winner Donny Markowitz, which debuted at London’s Kensington Town Hall; Three Songs for the Journey, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit; and Rowing In Eden (2016) which was released to stellar reviews, garnering nominations for Best Vocal Album of 2016 (ZMR Awards, One World Music Radio Awards) and placed in the top 10 on the New Age/World Music radio airplay charts. In fall of 2017, fellow ZMR Music Award Nominee Terry Lee Nichols invited Rebekah to collaborate with him on We have only come to dream…, a themed album on human migration to the Americas. It debuted at #3 on the ZMR Airplay Charts in April of 2018 and has garnered rave reviews. Rebekah can also be heard on Dave Eggar’s soundtrack to the Indie film “This Teacher” which won the L.A. Film Festival Best Film (Fiction) Award in September.`


 Terry Lee Nichols refers to his music style as "a mixture of cinematic, new age, and minimalist classical," and he names Philip Glass, John Adams, Nils Frahm, George Crumb and Hal Budd as influences, as well as soundtrack composers Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morcone, and John Barry. Terry's first album, “At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father's Tree”, was nominated for Best Neo-Classical Album in 2016 by Zone Music Reporter and Best Piano With Instrumentation by One World Radio. His 2017 release, the concept album “We Have Only Come To Dream” (featuring guest vocalist Rebekah Eden) was born out of Terry's interests in political activism, anthropology, and history. The theme of the album is to portray, musically, the assorted peoples who have journeyed to the Americas through time, from the ancient to the early 20th century.