Three Songs For The Journey

Three Songs for the Journey was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and is a taste of what's to come in Rebekah's upcoming release.. The story, rife with fearful adventures and hardships is full of the temptation to despair. Bilbo Baggins is the embodiment of pluck and resourcefulness, and through him wisdom, courage and heart win. As I pondered his motives for undertaking such a formidable journey - he has no interest in gold or material treasure - it became clear that his personal quest is to discover his own inner strength and navigate by it. Indeed, his terrifying adventures test and refine his spiritual mettle. He conquers his fears.

Bilbo embodies the grit and heart of the band of treasure-seeking dwarves. He is the cohesive glue, the guiding compass - overcoming each trial with a good deal more integrity and accuracy than the dwarves alone could muster.

Each Song for the Journey honors the dawning of inner strength, the triumph of truth over lies, and the life-preserving love of Home.

Three Songs For the Journey became the cornerstone of Rebekah's full-length album, Rowing in Eden, and can be heard in re-tracked and re-mastered form on Rowing in Eden.

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