The Story of My Beloved

Well over a decade ago, I had had enough of romantic relationships. I was sick and tired of the disappointment, heartache and betrayal I had experienced, not to mention the sense that I was I was constantly losing myself and my larger mission in the process. I had called it quits and declared to God and the Universe, "The next man I date is going to have to be my husband, because I am officially not doing this anymore." I ended up taking a year and a half hiatus from seeing or seeking anyone.

But in November of 2002 I started to become conscious of the stirring of my heart again, and my reawakening desire to find my soulmate. I happened to be sitting behind a friend and her husband in church one Sunday soon thereafter.  I asked them how they had come to meet and fall in love with one another in mid-life (they had already raised families with other spouses and eventually divorced). They told me they had no more idea that they would ever remarry, let alone find their soulmate. Yet one day my friend was unexpectedly inspired to write a poem that she entitled "My Beloved". It had within it the seed - the magnet - for their meeting, and she knew something was happening! Her husband-to-be showed up within six months, and they've been happily together for many years now.

I asked her to recite the poem to me, and when she did, I burst into tears. Her poem was exquisite and divine: it was like Cupid's arrow had pierced my heart before I knew what was happening. With her permission, I wrote a song using her poem as lyrics. The song fairly well wrote itself - I sang it every day to myself, sometimes with elation and hope and openness, sometimes feeling very closed, shut down and despairing. But however I felt, I sang it repeatedly, and it opened up a willingness in me to receive my own Beloved. Two weeks later, my husband Michael came into my life. We've now been together 15 years. The song had helped me become willing to receive him, and as I have learned, when we are at least a little bit willing, miraculous things happen in our lives.

This version of "My Beloved" is very simple but powerful. Many others since have listened to the song and had similar experiences - one told me I needed to attach a Warning Label to it because of its magical and powerful ability to help in manifesting one's Soulmate (her Beloved had shown up within 24 hours of listening to the song!). So if you are really and truly ready to open yourself to the possibility of manifesting your Beloved, please go ahead and listen.